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Business tycoon Gordon Tang looks at global real estate acquisitions

Singapore-based real estate magnet Gordon Tang and his wife Mrs. Celine Tang are associated with the SingHaiyi. They gained controlling interest of 62.2% in SingHaiyi, which was previously known as Sing- Xpress, and since then, the group has been in the limelight, often because of the smart investments. Today, SingHaiyi group has assets in Singapore, Malaysia, China and the US, much thanks to Gordon Tang and his expertise. Today, he focuses on real estate acquisitions and property development with a global perspective. The Tangs were always actively involved in real estate world of Singapore and had individual investments including condos and strata offices. With SingHaiyi, they are going global, with a team that also consists of Non-Executive Chairman Neil Bush, who happens to be the brother of former US president George Bush.

Mr. Tang has successfully pushed the group to take distressed assets in the United States, which will be successfully developed into projects that will not only assure profits but also help the community. SingHaiyi knows that the company is seen as an offshore developer, but Mr. Tang believes that the right strategic decisions and effective partnerships can allow the company to gain exposure in other markets, such as Australia and Europe.

Real Estate Investor Gordon Tang Dons Many Hats!

Non-Executive Director of SingHaiyi Group Ltd. Mr. Gordon Tang is known for wearing many hats. Thanks to his business acumen, APIC has emerged as a strong name in real estate development and investment since 2003. Initially, when he had set up Tang Dynasty Pte Ltd and Haiyi in 1995 and 2003 respectively, the focus was mostly on international trade and corporate investments. With SingHaiyi Group Ltd, he along with Celine Tang (Group Managing Director) and Neil Bush (Non-Executive Chairman) aims to change and add value to the distressed real estate industry in the US and parts of Asia.

Besides his work, Mr. Gordon Tang also serves as the vice president of National Olympic Committee of Cambodia and advisor to Windsurfing Association of Singapore. Mr. Tang has always been a promoter of networking, and with his advice and the work of core team, SingHaiyi Group has managed to build great partnerships in Singapore, USA and Malaysia. Company non-executive chairman Neil Bush, brother of former president George W. Bush, have had a long association with Mr. Tang as partners of Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC), which deals in management of hotels in varied cities, including California. Please refer to Mr. Gordon Tang profile on their website to know more.

Here’s how Chinese tycoon Gordon Tang is taking over real estate!

Real estate has been traditionally considered as a local industry, although things have changed considerably in the last couple of decades. Nevertheless, people often have their concerns when it comes to offshore develops, but Singapore-listed SingHaiyi Group seems to have a role in changing the perceptions. Mr. Gordon Tang, who is the non-executive director of SingHaiyi and has stake in holding company, Haiyi Holdings, has been a major force behind acquisitions and investments in the US and in their conventional territories like China, Singapore and Malaysia.

For Mr. Tang, strategic decisions at the right time, strong partnerships and future planning have been the key elements for success, and since SingHaiyi has access to Asian capital, investments have been an easy thing. One of their first projects – The Vales in Sengkang, Singapore has been a major success, and the same kind of investment has been planned for a recently-acquired property in San Francisco Bay, California. Mr. Tang likes to gather stake in real estate investment trusts, and SingHaiyi has been doing the same for a while now. It certainly seems obvious that the group will be looking at new markets, and as per reports, Europe and Australia are on the list.

Knowing Entrepreneur And Real Estate Investor Gordon Tang Better!

Real estate magnet Gordon Tang has been promoting interests of Singapore-based SingHaiyi Group with his wife and Group Managing Director Mrs. Celine Tang and Non-Executive Chairman Neil Bush, who happens to be the brother of former US president George Bush. Despite being an offshore developer, SingHaiyi Group has managed to acquire many assets in the US and already has considerable investment in Singapore and Malaysia. For Gordon Tang, the idea is to expand globally, for which his company has been looking for exposure in new markets. To get an entry in Australian real estate market, the group acquired 9% stake in Cromwell Property Group. Mr. Tang is also looking at distressed real estate assets, with a clear goal of revamping investments and churning profits for everywhere concerned.

Under Mr. Tang’s guidance and leadership, the group acquired 204,300-sq-feet 5 Thomas Mellon Circle in San Francisco Bay, California, which is expected to become a 550-unit waterfront condo project. Tangs also have stakes in Suntec REIT, OUE Commercial REIT, which are known real estate investment trusts. Gordon Tang also has a share in OUE Hospitality Trust. Despite being a non-executive director of SingHaiyi, he is capable of doing the same via holding company, Haiyi Holdings.

Gordon Tang: Passion for Business and Growth

Maintaining leadership in one of the world’s most established companies can only be accomplished by a person who has a love for business and a passion for growth. Business-minded people like Mr. Gordon Tang can keep everything about the business alive no matter the economic conditions. They maintain important business links and use their access to markets and capitals to build a strong portfolio and build an empire.

APIC Chairmanship

Mr. Gordon Tang has been holding the chairmanship for American Pacific International Capital, Inc. (APIC) since 2003 whose leadership has allowed the company to make its full swing. APIC has been able to maintain a good track record in property development and investment as well as hotel management under the brand Haiyi. Under his chairmanship, APIC has used its access to capital and markets in Asia to build a portfolio of great businesses and investments that the community can benefit from.

Other Great Associations

In 1995, Tang established Tang Dynasty Pte Ltd and Haiyi in 2003 in Singapore. These businesses are focused on financial and corporate investments as well as internal trade. Tang is also the honorary chairman of Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan. His strong love for windsurfing has made him the advisor to Windsurfing Association of Singapore.

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