Singapore-based real estate magnet Gordon Tang and his wife Mrs. Celine Tang are associated with the SingHaiyi. They gained controlling interest of 62.2% in SingHaiyi, which was previously known as Sing- Xpress, and since then, the group has been in the limelight, often because of the smart investments. Today, SingHaiyi group has assets in Singapore, Malaysia, China and the US, much thanks to Gordon Tang and his expertise. Today, he focuses on real estate acquisitions and property development with a global perspective. The Tangs were always actively involved in real estate world of Singapore and had individual investments including condos and strata offices. With SingHaiyi, they are going global, with a team that also consists of Non-Executive Chairman Neil Bush, who happens to be the brother of former US president George Bush.

Mr. Tang has successfully pushed the group to take distressed assets in the United States, which will be successfully developed into projects that will not only assure profits but also help the community. SingHaiyi knows that the company is seen as an offshore developer, but Mr. Tang believes that the right strategic decisions and effective partnerships can allow the company to gain exposure in other markets, such as Australia and Europe.